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  • Hotel Italia

    Now I find a hotel or a Bed and Breakfast in Italy, Goowai of over 10,000 accommodation.

  • Hotel a Milano

    Find a Hotel or a Bad & Breakfast offering a special offer in Milan

  • Vacanze in Trentino

    I find a hotel or a Bed and Breakfast in Trentino. Trentino is the perfect destination for those who love nature and being outdoors.

Goowai Italy - A guide for Hotel and Restaurants in Italy


We believe in the experience of direct contact to accommodations for your holiday, in order to avoid waste and to meet your personal needs that no intermediary can satisfy. Find a selection of hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, villas, apartments, vacations homes and restaurants in Italy for your trip to this beautiful country.


Also, discover hot holiday deals from the different hotels and restaurants in Italy. These days, we have an increasing number of Italian hotels inside the parks and reserves in Italy. So, for those who is planning to travel to Italy, book now! If you’re travelling with your family, perhaps the best solution is to choose an Apartment in a residence or a vacation homes.

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We offer a unique guide for your holiday in Italy. We like to think like one travel for pleasure or for business and use our guides. We believe in the experience direct contact with the accommodation in order to avoid waste and be meet your needs.