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Un villaggio medievale autentico


Published: 06/11/2012

by Fulvio Rogolino


Liguria - Torri superiore

The thirteenth century ... still living in Torri Superiore, in Liguria, near Ventimiglia. The guest feel like living the evocative atmosphere of a distant time, crossed by narrow alleys between the houses like a maze, up and down stairs and terraces, including 160 rooms with vaulted ceilings or cruise.


The village, originally built with stones, lime and sand found in the valley or in the nearby river Bevera, is now largely restored by the cultural "Torri Superiore" that he also wanted to repopulate, promoting the establishment of a community resident a Residence, a food court and some facilities for training events also open to the general public (pottery workshops, production of natural soaps and creams, beer, Iyengar Yoga courses). The complex has become an urban eco-village, where people live and work in an existential dimension, from the past, shows the echo of forgotten great values​​.